Pre Dance:
Tap and ballet age appropriate introduction to dance & movement. Fun dance games are
attention of the youngest student. Great care is given to help each student follow basic

Dance I:
Beginner Tap, Jazz, Ballet combination class. Age 5 to 9. This combination class develops
the students beginner techniques using the combination of the three subject to
reinforce proper body placement and dance technique while maintaining the younger
students enjoyment of dance.

Dance II:
Beginner to Adv. beginner Tap, Jazz, Ballet combination class. Age 8 to 12. This class
continues to use the three subject combination to enhance the students knowledge,
technique and ability in each subject, while helping the student to enjoy learning more
about the performing arts. Students' begin to gain respect for the hard work and
discipline needed for the performing arts, while still having the enjoyment of a fun three
subject class.

JR Dance:
Adv. Beginner to Intermediate Tap, Jazz, Ballet/lyrical combination class. Age 9 to 14.
Some prior knowledge of dance is suggested. This combination class will deepen the
students technique and knowledge in each subject. More time is dedicated to each
subject allowing the student to become more focused on proper body placement and
technique in each subject. This class begins to focus on performance level work. Ballet
tech class is suggested.

INT/SR Jazz & Lyrical:
Intermediate to advanced Jazz, Ballet and Lyrical combination class. Age 12 to young
adult. Some prior knowledge of dance is required. Ballet tech class is required. This
class has a focus on correct ballet placement and expanding at a more advanced level
on lyrical and jazz techniques. The student must have an understanding of performance
level work.

Intermediate to advanced Tap class. Age 12 to young adult. Ballet tech and some prior
knowledge of tap dance is required. This class focuses on more advance levels of tap
technique. Students need a strong understanding of performance level work.

Adult Tap:
Beginner to Intermediate Tap class Age 16 to adult.

Hip Hop I
& II:
Combination of Street Style, Hip Hop and Jazz tech class for the beginner
and advanced
student. This class is keep age appropriate and fun for the younger students,
yet challening to the beginner older students
. Age 7 to adult. Ballet tech or a
combination class with ballet is suggested.

Intermediate Hip Hop :
Combination of Street Style, Hip Hop and Jazz tech class for the I
ntermediate to
student, age 12 to adult. Ballet tech and a combination class is required.

Ballet Tech:
Ballet barre and center work, including complete barre stretch. This technique class is
for students wishing to increase agility, flexibility, body placement, overall technique and
fitness. This class offers the student the opportunity to further expand their knowledge
of movement and dance vocabulary. Age 8 to adult. There is no recital routine for this

Specialized barre and center work, specifically focusing on the foot and ankle placement
and overall body placement and technique for dance. Students must be 11 years or older
with four or more years of ballet training. Ballet Tech class and directors approval is a
requirement for this class.

Gymnastics I:
Beginner floor work performance gymnastics. Age 4 to 9. This class gives the student a
strong beginner basic for gymnastics and tumbling, with a focus on proper stretching
and strengthening to prevent injury.

Gymnastics II:
Beginner to Advanced Beginner floor work performance gymnastics. Age 7 to 12. This
class gives the student a more focused approach to proper conditioning, stretching and
technique, to prepare the student to begin working at more advanced levels of

Gymnastics III & IV:
Intermediate to Advanced performance gymnastics. Age 9 and older. Prior gymnastics
training is required and ballet tech class is suggested. This class reinforces the need for
proper body placement and conditioning to maintain the students ability to work at a
more advanced level of  gymnastics. The student must have the ability to work
individually and have accelerated learning skills.

Cardio, strength conditioning, power training and nutritional advise. Focus on cardio,
core and large muscle group conditioning. Age 14 to adult. This class is offered in 6 to 10
class courses throughout the year.

Group and private lessons available in all!

For those students interested in pageants and/or solo competitions or sole recital
routines there is special coaching available through private lessons in dance,
gymnastics, acting, modeling, attire, interview, ext. We have coached many award
winning students in Dance, Gymnastics, Aerobic, and Fitness Regional & National
Competitions, as well as Local and State Scholarship Pageants.
We also offer private instruction for students wishing to further their dance and/or
gymnastics abilities or wanting additional preparation for a performance or recital.

In addition, we offer private instruction for social/ballroom dance and wedding
For scheduling and pricing call 919-331-2010.

All dance and gymnastics classes will participate in the end of the year recital. Dress
rehearsal is the day before the show and a recital date is tentatively scheduled for   
June (Date TBA). This performance gives students an opportunity to display their
different talents in a noncompetitive setting and offers the students the motivation to
work harder in class. It is also a completion of the students performing arts education
and gives students a sense of accomplishment. This production includes special
costumes, stage settings, stage props and clockwork timing on entrances, formations
and exits. Our goal is to teach each student the serious responsibility of every individual
performer in a show and how to be alert and prepared at all times while maintaining their
performance level work. In addition, this production teaches students the importance of
working together with others as a group to ensure the success of the show. This
performance greatly enhances the students' enjoyment of dance and gymnastics.

Tuition is based on a ten month session of September to June and is due the first day of
each month for all monthly payment plans. An additional $10.00 will be added to monthly
tuition when paid after the 7th of the month. Tuition may be paid in annual or semi annual
payments to prevent any late fees or students may pay by the class. (Ask for details)
When choosing monthly payment plans first and last month payments are due at
make-up classes are available. Contact us for the advised make-up class for your
student. Classes are sold by the session, some months have 5 classes and some months
have 3 classes. Prior to performance, extra rehearsal classes are included at no
additional charge for students completing the session. A $35.00 ISF fee will be charged
for each return check. Please be sure the student's name is noted on all checks.
Registration is a $30.00 non-refundable fee for all new students. This is a one time only
fee provided the student is pre-registered before July 20th each year. In the event a
student has the need to drop a class during the session, verbal or written notice must
be given to the director or account manager before the 10th of the prior month. If notice
is give before the 10th of the prior month and by an adult, parent or guardian and the
account is on a monthly payment plan the account will not be charge for the next month.
We regret that there are no refunds for tuition. However, in some cases and proper
notification an account credit may be given for up to one year. There no refunds for
costume deposits, costumes, recital fees or recital tickets.
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